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Sabre Bangladesh was incorporated in 2003 as a private limited company jointly owned by Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited and Sabre Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. It supports domestic and international airlines and local travel agencies in various areas including ticket reservation and other ancillary services. Sabre Bangladesh has a strong network across the country, with presence in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

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​​​​​What is CSL?



​​CSL stands for Content Services for Lodging. It’s the new standard for booking hotels via Sabre and select aggregators (, Expedia, Bedsonline).

How is it different from the legacy path?

The main difference (apart from adding aggregator content) is that CSL is API-powered, whereas the legacy path relies on host formats and low level services. This allows for richer content and a more fleshed out customer experience.

​​Legacy PathCSL Path
​Modify Segments​No restrictions​Only Sabre GDS content can be modified at this stage
​Segment Details​Can be displayed with *SD​Does not generate segment details
​Segment status code upon booking​HK​PN for aggregators, HK for Sabre GDS content
​Property numbers​Uses 7-digit Sabre Property Numbers​Uses 9-digit Global Property IDs
​Chain codes​Uses Hotel Chain Code​Uses Hotel Chain Code if property is listed in Sabre, otherwise uses aggregator chain code (7B, 7E, 7H). If segment is booked via aggregator, we will not show the hotel chain code on the segment.
​Cancellation​Displays in General Facts​Displays in General Facts
​Agency Address​One line required for DC transmission​Two lines of agency address required for all segments
​Trip Proposal​No restrictions​Support coming soon
​Back Office System​Supported​Partial support. Check with your back office system for additional information
​Confirmation number​Generated upon sell (if DC)​Generated at end transaction. Prior to end transaction we will show a temporary confirmation number
​​Command Support​Full​​​
Some formats are supported
​Client IDs​Supported. Interface with HIC and HST tables​Supported for Sabre GDS content. Interfaces with HIC and HST tables. Aggregators do not use Client IDs.

Does that mean I cannot use formats anymore?

No. Format support for the CSL path is currently under development, and some commands are already available (HOT, HOD, 0H).

What are the main CSL features?

  • Easy-to-use graphical search functionality that integrates Sabre GDS and aggregator content seamlessly into a data normalized, cohesive shopping display.
  • Ability to shop from over a million properties (between GDS and aggregator content).

What is the Aggregator Sign-up Process?

​Accelerated access to content that can be booked by the agency​Credential access only​Expedia is not live in CSL yet
​For commission, Agent to  complete order form in Sabre Central​For content access, credential & commission Agency to complete order form in Sabre Central​The expected Expedia live date is towards end of Q3 2020
​Confirmation e-mail is sent to the agency with template including credential and unique contracting URL​Confirmation e-mail is sent to agency stating that BedsOnline will contact agency directly with next steps​Send any agency inquiries to
​Agency to go to link and complete form​BedsOnline complete sign-up and contract with agency and give CSL credential
​Once the contract is done, commission is in-place​Agency input credential into CSL (SR360)and content is accessible

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How do I book CSL?

​Graphical flow – Hotel Search

Under Command Helper, go to the Hotel tab:​


Add the mandatory fields Location (airport, city or POI), check-in and check-out date (or number of nights) and number of guests. ​Then click on Shop Hotels:


Graphical flow – Address Search:

Go to the Hotel tab in Command Helper, then click on Address Search. Fill the mandatory fields Street Address, Country, Check-in date and Check-out date. It is also recommended to enter the City or the Postal Code to get better results. There is no validation of characters in the postal code; it’s free text and it’s up to the user to enter the correct one. Then click on Shop Hotels:​​


Graphical flow – Property Search

Go to the Hotel Tab in Command Helper, then click on Hotel Property Search. Fill out the mandatory fields Property Number, Check-in and Check-out dates, and Guests Per Room. Then click on Shop Hotels:


Graphical flow – View Properties


Upon search, up to 40 results are displayed. If there are additional properties for the searched location, then a “Show more results” button will be shown at the bottom. Clicking on it will reveal more properties. The button will be shown as long as there are additional properties to show. When all of the properties for that location are displayed, the button will not appear. Note: bear in mind that this button may not appear if the search terms are narrowed down enough. For instance, if the search includes qualifiers such as chain code or hotel name, there may not be enough additional properties to display.

20.8 Update: We are now offering Sponsored properties inline. Starting on version 20.8, customers will see those properly identified:

The results will show important data such as the name of the hotel, the property’s Global ID number, the address, the top 7 amenities, the Sabre Property Rating, the leading rate and the source. Please note that the rate may vary when the system performs the rate check. Also, if the same property is offered by different sources, customers can check the leading rate per source by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the rate:


Graphical Flow – View Rates

When you are ready to select a property, click on the drop-down menu to reveal the View Rates button. This will display the rate details and verify the rate hasn’t changed. Also, customers can display information about the applicable commission, cancellation policy, and additional details.


Graphical Flow – Filter Rates at Hotel Shop

Upon clicking on Shop Hotels, customers can narrow down the available options by applying a filter. Click on the Select button next to Filter to view applicable ones. Customers can filter by Hotel Chain, Nightly Room Rate, Rating, Amenities,  and Distance:​


Graphical Flow – Filter Rates at View Rates

After selecting a property by clicking on View Rates, customers can further narrow down their search by applying additional filters. These filters include Rate Source, Bed Type, Cancellation Policy and Commissionable Rates:


Graphical Flow – Book form, no PNR present

After selecting the desired rate, customers can click on the Book button to bring up the form. However, the name field and the agency address are prerequisites to successfully booking, so if that information is missing from the PNR, customers will get a prompt to add them:

Graphical Flow – Book form

If the necessary details are already present in the PNR, the customers can click on the Book button to bring up the form. The fields present in the form may vary depending on the source (GDS,, etc), so every field that doesn’t have the (Optional) tag next to it must be filled out for the booking process to be successful.


Graphical flow – Modify confirmed hotel segment (only for Sabre GDS)

In order to modify a confirmed hotel segment, customers need to head over to the Trip Summary, click on the ellipsis next to the segment, and select “Change Dates​” or “Modify Details”. Note: at this stage, this is the only way to modify confirmed hotel segments, with the exception of optional modifications (HOM1O). The reason behind it is that date change modifications require an availability display at a host level, which cannot be done with HOT/HOD commands on a CSL-enabled PCC, since those formats trigger CSL APIs (GetHotelAvail and GetHotelDetails respectively).


Graphical flow – Qualifiers

Advanced qualifiers will be the same for both the Hotel Search tab and the Address Search tab. At this stage, there are three advanced qualifiers: Sabre Property Rating, Distance, and Rate Category.


The distance qualifier will return properties within the specified distance (in miles or km) of the location. For city and area search, the request will be conducted with coordinates that should match the city’s downtown. For Point of Interest and Airport search, the distance is calculated from the airport’s location or the POI’s location. The default unit of measurement is determined by the country listed in the PCC.​ The default value for hotel searches is 100kms.

CSL_09_distance_qualifier.gif ​

Sabre Property Rating

Use this to refine your search by Sabre Property Rating. The Sabre Property Rating is constructed using the median of all ratings from multiple sources, including Sabre North Star, providing greater Rating coverage with greater accuracy.


Rate Category

Customers can select up to three rate categories in order to refine their search. If no rates apply based on the categories selected, then regular rates are returned.


Chain Code

Up to 20 chain codes can be added in a search. Only two-character chain codes are allowed, customers cannot type in the name of the chain:


Property Name

Only one property name can be added in this field. It is to be used in conjunction with Location. It accepts 3-100 alphanumeric characters:

Client ID

Up to 8 three-character Client IDs may be added at once. Type in the three-character code in the Client ID field in Hotel Search and hit enter. Negotiated/Contractual rates can be identified in the response below the amenities indicators.

Update: Client IDs now present a drop-down menu with two options, Include and Only. Selecting include will also return rates for which no Client ID applies, whereas the Only option will just return properties that have that Client ID.

Note: Selecting the Only option may cause that no aggregator rates are returned, since Client IDs apply only for Sabre GDS rates.



​​One three-letter currency code can be added to force a specific currency in the results. Please note that forcing a currency does not mean customers will be able to book the room in that currency. Hotels can be booked in the currency governed by market/TJR.


Up to 20 amenities can be selected at once, after which the field gets greyed out. Selecting amenities mean that only properties that offer all amenities selected will be returned. If there are no such properties, a “No Results Found” message will be returned


New in version 20.7: Stay Safe indicator. ​The Safe Stay initiative is a hotel industry movement that aims to ensure guests are protected against the Covid-19 spread. More information about this initiative can be found in AHLA’s website​. Stay Safe can be selected as an amenity, and a special icon will show alongside the Top 7 amenities in the Property List view.


Refundable Only.

If selected, the Refundable Only option will be checked by default. Returns only refundable rates.


Property Types.

Customers now have the ability to search by property type. The property type is loaded by the hotel. The qualifier allows for up to 20 property types to be selected at once.


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Command flow – Hotel search

It is possible to search for hotels using the HOT command.

HOT[City code]/[Check-in date]-[Check-out date][Number of adults]

Example: HOTLHR/30JAN-01FEB1

– or –

HOT[City code]/[Check-in date]-[Number of nights]NT[Number of adults]

Example: HOTLHR/30JAN-1NT1​

Optional qualifiers

Chain code. Up to 20 different chain codes can be added, separated by commas.

[Basic hotel search]/[Chain code]

Example: HOTNYC/30JAN-1NT1/HH

– or –

[Basic hotel search]/[Chain code],[Chain code],[Chain code],[Up to 20]


Client ID. Up to 8 different Client IDs can be added in a single search, separated by crosses of Lorraine.

HOT[City code]/[Check-in date]-[Check-out date][Number of adults]/¥[Three-character Client ID]

Example: HOTNYC/30JAN-01FEB1/¥SIE

– or –

HOT[City code]/[Check-in date]-[Check-out date][Number of adults]​/¥[Three-character Client ID]¥[Three-character Client ID]¥[Up to 8]

Example: HOTNYC/30JAN-01FEB1​/¥SIE¥FCI

Property name. A single property name can be added to a hotel request.

​[Basic hotel search]/N-[Hotel Name]


Rate Category. Up to three different rate category codes can be added at once, separated by commas. The full list of rate category codes can be found in this Finder page. Internally, these codes are passed as numbers in the request. The translation document can be found in the OpenTravel file, under Rate Plan Type. Note: RC-ALL currently works on version 20.4 and later.

Version 20.5 update: Customers can now use the qualifier RC-N¥[Vendor-provided three character rate code] or RC-X¥[Vendor-provided three character rate code] in order to apply the negotiated/contractual rate override. This uses the client ID as loaded by the vendor.

​[Basic hotel search]/RC-[Rate category code]

– or –

[Basic hotel search]/RC-[Rate category code],[Rate category code],[Rate category code]


​Command flow – Property search

It is possible to search for hotel rates based on the property number with the HOD command.​ It works with both the legacy Sabre Property IDs, and the new CSL Global Property IDs. If Global Property ID is used, then both Sabre GDS and aggregator content (if available) will be returned. If Sabre Property ID is used, only Sabre GDS rates will be returned.

HOD[Global Property ID]/[Check-in date]-[Check-out date][Number of adults]

Example: HOD100259900/30JAN-01FEB1

– or –

HOD[Sabre Property ID]/[Check-in date]-[Check-out date][Number of adults]

Example: HOD69482/30JAN-01FEB1​

– or – 

HOD[Global ID]


Optional qualifiers​

Client ID. Up to 8 different Client IDs can be added in a single search, separated by crosses of Lorraine.

HOD[Global or Sabre Property ID]/¥[Three-character Client ID]/[Check-in date]-[Check-out date][Number of adults]

Example: HOD100259900/¥SIE/30JAN-01FEB1

​- or –

Example: HOD69482/¥SIE¥FCI/30JAN-01FEB1​

Rate Category. Up to three different rate category codes can be added at once, separated by commas. The full list of rate category codes can be found in this Finder page. Internally, these codes are passed as numbers in the request. The translation document can be found in this file, under Rate Plan Type.

​[Basic property search]/RC-[Rate category code]

– or –

[Basic property search]/RC-[Rate category code],[Rate category code],[Rate category code]

Example: HOD100259900/30JAN-01FEB1/RC-GOV

– or –

Example: HOD69482/30JAN-01FEB1/RC-GOV,F,P​​

Command Flow – Modify Segment (HOM)

HOM commands are now available for modification of segments booked via Sabre GDS. Note: At this stage, running an HOM command on an aggregator segment will result in an error response.

Formats: Only HOM[segment number]O formats are available. Date change and other modifications need to be performed in graphical mode. For full list of HOM1O formats, please check the Finder Modify Confirmed Hotel Segment page.

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What happens after I book?

Upon booking, customers should get a successful message saying the room is reserved. For aggregators, however, the default status code for the segment will be PN, and it will only change to HK once the transaction has been ended:


After finishing the PNR creation, more details can be found within the Itinerary section in the graphical mode in SR360:

Sabre GDS:



Source: Sabre,, BedsOnline or Expedia.
Nightly Rate: Nightly average.
Total taxes: total applicable taxes for the whole duration of the stay.
Total fees: total applicable fees for the duration of the stay.
Approximate Total Price: since there may be applicable fees/taxes not shown by the vendor, we show the total price as an approximate. The final rate usually does not vary a whole lot from the approximate, if at all.
Guarantee: shows the guarantee details. If credit card is the form of payment, this field will show whether a guarantee or a deposit was applied, the last four digits of the credit card, plus the cardholder’s name.
Cancellation policy: shows whether the rate can be cancelled/refunded and when.
Product code: it’s the room’s product code. Only applies for Sabre GDS bookings.
Traveler name: Shows the lead guest’s name.
Guest: shows number of adults in the reservation:
Global ID: this is the new property ID for the CSL path.
Property ID: this will be present only if the source is Sabre GDS. It shows the property number as used in the legacy entries HOD(property ID).
Chain Code: applicable chain code. If the source is Sabre GDS, then we will show the actual hotel chain code. If the source is an aggregator, this field will show the aggregator code instead (in the example above, 7B refers to
Property type: it only shows on aggregator bookings.
City Code: shows the applicable city code, regardless of how availability was run (point of interest, area, etc).
Address: Hotel address.
​Phone: Hotel phone number, if loaded.

At a host level:

Upon booking completion, an HHL segment will be created. For Sabre GDS bookings, this will not differ from what a segment would look like under the legacy path:






























R14I.R14I*APD 0755/02JAN20 LOVEYB H

However, aggregator segments will have some peculiarities:




D HOTEL 1      ​-1/ 34.00USD/CMN-C/TAC-5.00 PCT/AGT99999992/G


















5.OSI 7B HHL 100259900 TSC 8.52 TTL SURCHARGE

6.OSI 7B HHL 100259900 SC 5.02 TAX

7.OSI 7B HHL 100259900 SC 3.50 CITY TAX

8.OSI 7B HHL 100259900 TP 34.00 USD APPROX. TTL PRICE


R14I.R14I*APD 0838/02JAN20 AOIPMJ H

Cancelling and modifying

Segment cancelling works in the exact same way as the legacy path. Segments can be cancelled either graphically, or by using the command X[segment number]. Cancellation numbers are sent via an OSI that can be displayed using the command *P4:
  1.OSI AA HHL 7B DFW 6FEB /CX-INIT1580385722

 Modifications, at this stage, are only permitted when booking Sabre GDS hotels. The reason behind this is that Sabre GDS hotels are still booked via the legacy path (even if the agency has been migrated to CSL) so the HOM entries are available for optional data. Date changes and other modifications need to be done via graphical mode. (for . For aggregator hotels, segment modifications will be available later on.
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What happens behind the scenes?

The CSL path, as opposed to the legacy path, is powered by a new generation of APIs. Most of the APIs used in this workflow are the same ones online customers use. Here are the API mappings for CSL:​



This API is used to display hotel availability using customizable parameters and filters. Documentation about this API can be found in its Sabre Dev Studio page (requires a Sabre Dev Studio account).

When retrieving customer’s logs, the request/response for this service can be found within the Payloads folder:


The API will run different parameters depending on the type of search run on SR360. Here’s what an example request looks like (endpoints and other URLs not included, but they will be present in the request file):


    <ha:SearchCriteria PageSize=”40″>


            <ha:GeoRef Radius=”30.0″ UOM=”KM”>

                <ha:RefPoint RefPointType​=”6″ Value=”NYC”​ValueContext=”CODE”/>



        <ha:RateInfoRef BestOnly=”3″ CurrencyCode=”AUD” PrepaidQualifier=”IncludePrepaid”>

            <ha:StayDateRange EndDate=”2019-12-20″ StartDate=”2019-12-19″/>


                <ha:Room Adults=”1″ Index=”1″ />




        <ha:ImageRef =”ORIGINAL”/> 




(Description from Dev Studio): The Get Hotel Details API provides information on the availability of specific properties, together with all the descriptive and visual content, from all requested supply sources based on a stay period and occupancy. The documentation for this API can be found here (requires Sabre Dev Studio account).

When retrieving customer’s logs, the request/response for this service can be found within the Payloads folder:





            <hd:HotelRef CodeContext=”GLOBAL” HotelCode=”100259900″/>


        <hd:RateInfoRef PrepaidQualifier=”IncludePrepaid”>

            <hd:StayDateRange EndDate=”2019-12-20″ StartDate=”2019-12-19″/>


                <hd:Room Adults=”1″ Index=”1″/>












This request will yield a GetHotelDetails response, which will contain rate information such as the average nightly rate, currency code, rate source (same codes as InfoSource from GetHotelAvail), commission information, and an encrypted RateKey (this rate key will be used in the next step to validate the rate):

<hd:RateInfo AmountAfterTax=”152.64″ AverageNightlyRate=”152.64″ CurrencyCode=”USD” EndDate=”2020-01-21″ RateKey=”FUiWjN5yOj+ibucmquSkYysl3t3w1Fj0MDnMlPtCDwpI0EApI+6yI2VBszFJwr8rNvj/IhYWwrtpB1rQrJYj0LnRY
​  RateSource=”113″ StartDate=”2020-01-20″>
<hd:Commission Amount=”7.63″ CurrencyCode=”USD” Percent=”5.00″ Type=”Amount”/>


This service is run prior to HotelPriceCheck in order to determine the mandatory fields for the Book step. Since CSL accommodates aggregator content as well as Sabre GDS content, the aggregator’s may require different types of data to be sent in the Book step. For customers in SR360, this transition will be seamless. They will get a Book form in which they will be presented with optional and mandatory fields. Such fields are checked by this service. More information about it can be foud in its Dev Studio page.

The logs for this can be found within the Payloads folder:


Here’s a snippet from an example response (please note that this response is not complete and it’s form informational purposes only:


        <hsc:SupplierConfigurations InfoSource=”110″>

            <hsc:SupplierConfiguration TransactionType=”Booking” Type=”Validation”>

                <hsc:Field Name=”LEAD_GUEST_EMAIL” Required=”true” ValueType=”Boolean”/>


            <hsc:SupplierConfiguration TransactionType=”Booking” Type=”Validation”>

                <hsc:Field Name​=”LEAD_GUEST_CONTACT_INFO” Required=”true” ValueType=”Boolean”/>


            <hsc:SupplierConfiguration TransactionType=”Booking” Type=”Validation”>

                <hsc:Field Name=”LEAD_GUEST_EMAIL_LENGTH_50″ Required=”true” ValueType=”Boolean”/>


            <hsc:SupplierConfiguration TransactionType=”Booking” Type=”Validation”>

                <hsc:Field Name=”CHILD_AGE” Required=”true” ValueType=”Boolean”/>


            <hsc:SupplierConfiguration TransactionType=”Booking” Type=”Validation”>

                <hsc:Field Name=”CHILD_AGE_LIMIT” Required=”true” ValueType​=”Boolean”/>



                        <hsc:PossibleValue>Choose from values returned while Shopping</hsc:PossibleValue>





The purpose of this service is to send the rate key provided under GetHotelDetails and return a Booking Key. The booking key is the encrypted code used to reserve a room, which will be passed in the Book step.

​Logs for this service can be found within the Payloads folder:


Here’s an example request:​

<ns63:RateInfoRef RateKey=”NC6zjEUnHHQaN0zRi6L4fcFoXxXnLvPF5A1htJWbTIFyDYrx+ATfsG6Ks/HupFaFcB6tgsM0X


The response will contain information about the rate and conditions to book, but more importantly, it will contain the booking key, which is the mandatory piece of information needed to reserve the room.​

Here’s a snippet of the response:

   <st22:ApplicationResults status=”Complete”>

        <st22:Success timeStamp=”2019-12-13T06:06:13.928-06:00″/>


    <ns63:PriceCheckInfo BookingKey=”d57e98b5-fbac-4140-8ac7-03ae08e12b5b” CurrencyCode=”USD” PriceChange=”false” PriceDifference=”0.0″ >

When customers encounter a rate change in this step, the below banner will be shown:



This is an SR360 internal service that validates that the Guest’s name and the Agency Address are present in the current working area before the Book step is launched. If those fields are not present, then the customer gets a prompt to add them to the PNR. In order to add the missing data to the booking, PassengerDetailsRQ is used.

Logs can be found within the Payloads folder:​



UpdateReservationRQ is a service that can be used to add/modify several kinds of data within a PNR. For the hotel booking workflow, this  service is used to send the mandatory Booking Key to the vendor, alongside any mandatory fields required to complete the booking, depending on the source, upon which they will return either a successful response or an error. Information and detailed documentation about this service can be found in its Dev Studio page.

Logs for this service can be found within the Payloads folder:


Here’s a snippet of the request (not including room and other form details of the request):


    <pnr:ReturnOptions IncludeUpdateDetails=”true” RetrievePNR=”true”/>



            <pnr:ProductUpdate op=”C”>



                        <ns31:ProductName type=”HHL”/>



                                <ns31:BookingInfo RequestorID=”1″>




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​Troubleshooting and errors

Can i use Sabre Virtual Payments (SVP) in CSL?

Support for Sabre Virtual Payments for CSL is still in development. It will be available in the future, although there is no ETA quite yet.

The command you entered is not supported. This error may be returned when a legacy hotel command is run against a CSL segment. Even though command support for CSL is constantly increasing, some formats are not yet available. Solution: have the customer process the changes using the graphical interface. For aggregator bookings, segment modification is not yet possible, so if that’s what the customer is trying to do, have them cancel the segment and book a new one.

Update: now the error response is more eloquent, and includes a Modify Search button that returns to Command Helper tab. If the error was returned due to an HOT command, Hotel Search tab will open. If error is returned due to HOD command, the Hotel Property Search tab will open. This applies from version 20.8.


List of currently unsupported commands. The below qualifiers/commands are known to return this error, however, command support will evolve over time. Check this reference again over time to find the latest supported/unsupported commands:

  • Address or Street Address (/A-): HOTPAR/8SEP-9SEP2/A-RUE DE RIVOLI
  • ​​​Airport transportation or shuttle: (/AT-): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/AT-Y
  • Amenities (SQ-): HOTHAM/12JAN-15JAN2/SQ-GOLF,JACZ
  • Bedding type (/BD-): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/BD-A2D,A1K
  • City area (/CA-): HOTSFO/8SEP-10SEP2/CA-BERKELEY
  • Commission (/CM-): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/CM-Y
  • Corporate Discount ID (/CD-): HOTSTL/12DEC-3NT1/CD-5674
  • Country Code (/CC-): HOTGVA/12JAN-15JAN2/CC-FR
  • Currency (/C-): HOTLON/12JAN-15JAN2/C-GBP
  • Display Option: HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/*HOT0
  • Distance and direction from airport (/D-): HOTLAX/1JUN-2NT1/D-13
  • Fire approved (/F): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/F
  • Frequent guest loyalty ID (/ID-): HOTSTL/12DEC-3NT1/ID-MC123456
  • Geographic Location (Geo-coded) hotels (/G): HOTSEA/7JAN-9JAN1/G
  • Hotels around specific latitude and longitude coordinates (GEOC¥): HOTGEOC¥32.78,-96.81/16MAY-2NT2
  • Hotels near another specific hotel by property number (GEOP¥): GEOP¥1327/20JUN​HOT-2NT1
  • Government per diem rate: HOTTUS/22MAR-1NT1/GVAZ-PIMA
  • HOT Reference Point request in U.S. State: HOTFL-DISNEYWORLD/12MAY-20MAY2
  • Location code C (City) A (Airport) S (Suburban) R (Resort): HOTDFW/3JUL-2NT2/CA-ARLINGTON
  • Minimum rate (R¥): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/R¥100
  • Maximum rate (/R-): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/R-100
  • Multiple hotel property numbers at one time: HOTPRPL-1111,2222,3333/10JUN-15JUN2
  • Northstar Travel Media Hotel Rating system – all properties with a crown rating (/RT-): HOTYVR/12SEP-15SEP2/RT-NTM3
  • Package type (/PK-)​: HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/PK-Y
  • Phone number (/PH-): HOTDCA/12JAN-15JAN2/PH-202-432-0082
  • Postal zip code or Canadian province code (/PC-): HOTLAS/12JAN-15JAN2/PC-762
  • Property type (/PT-): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/PT-LUXRY
  • Request distance to show in kilometers (/DM-KM): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/DM-KM
  • Request distance to show in miles (/DM-MI): HOTCAI/12JAN-15JAN2/DM-MI
  • Suppress rack rate or Request Negotiated Rates Only (*NR): HOTLAX¥SIE/14JUL-1NT1/*NR

Cannot parse command. This error is returned when the customer runs a format that contains one or more qualifiers that are not yet supported. Even though command support is increasing, some qualifiers are not yet available. cannot_parse.png 

When you run a command under the CSL path, the system will parse the data in the format to a GetHotelAvail request. Here’s an example:​


    <ha:SearchCriteria PageSize=”40″>


            <ha:GeoRef Radius=”30.0″ UOM=”KM”>

                <ha:RefPoint RefPointType=”6″ Value=”NYC” ValueContext=”CODE”/>



        <ha:RateInfoRef BestOnly=”3″ CurrencyCode=”AUD” PrepaidQualifier=”IncludePrepaid”>

            <ha:StayDateRange EndDate=”2020-03-19″ StartDate=”2020-03-18″/>


                <ha:Room Adults=”1″ Index=”1″/>




        <ha:ImageRef Type=”ORIGINAL”/>



Command support is still being developed, so it can happen that some qualifiers are not yet mapped to a specific part of the request, hence the error.

Where can I find the commission on an aggregator segment?

At this stage, commission information can only be displayed on the segment itself in cryptic mode, since the graphical itinerary display does not yet contain that information:*IH 1  HHL 7B HK1 LGA IN13FEB Q-OUT14FEB   1NT 0000000 BLUE MOON BOUTIQUE  1       -1/  23.75USD/CMN-C/TAC-5.00 PCT/AGT99999992/GVIXXXXXXXXXXXX1111EXP XXXXX-CASANOVA/NM-CASANOVA PABLO/CNOR/SI-CF-0-  

Reservation Orchestration Error Caused by: [PN segment cancel restricted]. This error can be returned if a customer attempts to cancel an aggregator segment that is still showing PN status. PN segments cannot be cancelled, so please advise the customer to contact the aggregator, and have them verify if a booking exists on their end. If it does, no further action is needed, unless the customer wants to cancel the reservation, in which case, they need to ask the aggregator to do it on their behalf. If there is no booking on the aggregator’s end, then the customer will need to create a new one from scratch. Note: A similar scenario applies to HX segments as well. If an aggregator segment shows HX status, we cannot confirm if the booking was cancelled or not. Please refer the customer to the aggregator support so they can confirm the cancellation. If the cancellation didn’t reach the aggregator system, the customer needs to ask the aggregator to cancel the booking on their behalf.

PN segment cancel restricted.PNG

​CSL and IUR/Back Office

Agencies migrated to CSL will have a slight modifcation at an M3 record level. You can find the full CSL IUR specs here: ​​SAN 15563 – GDS Ticketing – Interface User Record (IUR) M3 record enhancement for Sabre Content Services for Lodging
Note: at this stage, supported back office systems include: TRAMS, ClientBase Online, ClientBase windows. Please direct customers to check with their back office provider for further assistance.

Other CSL errors

The below errors can be returned for customers using the CSL path. You can find the original list here.

​​Error messageShort descriptionAdded in release
“EnhancedHotelBookRQ response is invalid”When user attempts a booking and EnhancedHotelBookRQ service returns response that is not fully valid. This is default error shown when there is no specific cause. In order to determine root cause of the error it is advised to save diagnostic data.20.2
“UpdateReservationRQ response is invalid”When user attempts a booking and UpdateReservationRQ service returns response that is not fully valid. This is default error shown when there is no specific cause. In order to determine root cause of the error it is advised to save diagnostic data.20.2
“Command %s could not be processed successfully”When user enters sell command (0H) and it wouldn’t be processed correctly due to incorrect data provided.20.2
“Cannot parse command”When user enters HOT, HOD or sell command (0H) and it has incorrect format OR it contains not-yet-supported qualifiers.20.2
“Invalid line number”When user enters sell command (0H) and it refers to incorrect rate number.20.2
“Please provide single guarantee”When user enters sell command (0H) with multiple guarantees.20.2
“Please provide valid credit card guarantee”When user enters sell command (0H) with guarantee other than credit card.20.2
“Error: Sold out”When user enters sell command (0H) and the rate is already sold out.20.2
“Error: Timeout”When user enters sell command (0H) and timeout occurs during price check call.20.2
“X response is missing value for field: X”When user tries to book hotel and service response lacks mandatory or otherwise critical data. X-es are substituted with specific information – service name and field name.20.2
“CslHotelBook request is invalid”Booking request is invalid, error is not supposed to happen in ordinary workflow and might indicate configuration or environment issues.20.2
“UpdateReservationRQ: Agency Address is Required”User attempts to book hotel but there is insufficient data in the PNR.20.2
“Agency address has to contain at least the agency name and street address.”User attempts to book hotel but there is insufficient data in the PNR.20.2
“Credit Card expiration year is invalid.”Provided credit card information is invalid.20.2
“HotelDetails request is invalid”Details request is invalid, error is not supposed to happen in ordinary workflow and might indicate configuration or environment issues.20.2
“Hotel ID needs to be provided”Hotel content request has invalid hotel id, error is not supposed to happen in ordinary workflow and might indicate configuration or environment issues.20.2
“CommandFlow doesn’t contain country code in advanced user context.”There is no country code in user context, indicating wrong account configuration.20.2
“CommandFlow doesn’t contain default currency in advanced user context.”There is no default currency in user context, indicating wrong account configuration.20.2
“No results found \n We are unable to find results based on the qualifiers provided”Agent executed the hotel search and there have been no results.20.2

​CSL and Branch Access

There are some functional differences that customers will experience if they AAA into a different PCC. Below is a table of key functionalities that work differently depending on the PCC the customer is emulating.

​Non-CSL User​CSL User
​Cancel Sabre GDS segments​Allowed​Allowed
​Modify Sabre GDS segments​Allowed​Allowed
​Cancel Aggregator segments using formats​Not allowed​Allowed
​Cancel Aggregator segments using graphical style​Allowed. Segment is updated to HX and cancellation number is returned in AFAX.​Allowed
​Modify Aggregator segments​Not allowed​Not allowed
​Retrieve Sabre GDS segment information in graphical mode​Allowed​Allowed
​Retrieve Aggregator segment information in graphical mode​Allowed​Allowed
​Retrieve segment information in cryptic mode​Allowed​Allowed
Get aggregator content in availability​Not allowed​Allowed (if enabled through HPM)
​Get Sabre GDS content on a non-CSL PCC​Allowed​Allowed (aggregator results are also included, albeit with no rates. This affects total number of results)
​Get Aggregator content on a non-CSL PCC​Not allowed​Not allowed​​

Recommendations for scenarios related to branch access

  • As a non-CSL user, can I service aggregator bookings? Servicing support is currently limited. Cancelling aggregator segments is possible buy only via Graphical PNR/Trip Summary. X[segment number] format will error out for a non-CSL user.
  • As a CSL user, can I retrieve availability while AAA’d on a non-CSL PCC? Yes, but only Sabre GDS rates will be bookable. Aggregator properties will still be returned in the response, albeit showing NO DATA if only aggregator rates are available for that property/dates.
  • What can I do if, as a non-CSL user, I need to cancel/rebook an aggregator segment? Cancelling is possible via graphical workflow, but booking will not be possible for non-CSL users. We recommend customers contact their account team to explore CSL activation.

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Issues with registering process:


General Support: +1 (833) 422 3537 // (NAM) // (LATAM)

Pre-Arrival and On-the-spot emergencies: +1 (929) 207 0507 (direct)​ // +1 (833) 422 3537 and Prompt 1​

​United States and Canada​+1 833 422 3537
​Argentina​​+54 116 841 9165
​Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands​+1 833 422 3230
​Chile​+56 800 914 132
​Colombia​+57 154 637 28
​Costa Rica​+506 400 015 16
​Dominican Republic​+1 829 946 9110
​Ecuador​+59 318 000 005 39
​El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua​+506 229 054 98
​Mexico​+52 55 416 380 84
​Panama​+507 832 2907
​Paraguay​+59 580 054 201 86
​Peru​+51 164 099 52
​Uruguay​+59 800 040 540 72
​Venezuela​+58 212 771 96 41

Post Travel Customer Service: (US) //​ (LATAM and Caribbean)

Refunds, commission, ACH:


​United Kingdom​​+44 0 845 098 3182
​Ireland​+353 315 410 139
​Finland​+358 931 579 406
​Norway​+47 219 505 08
​Sweden​+46 840 308 701
​Austria​+43 126 758 40
​Russia​+7 499 705 6210
​Denmark​+45 787 728 26
​Switzerland​+41 435 082 094
​France / Monaco​+33 01 85 85 4781
​Germany / Liechtenstein​+49 0800 55 55 252
​Czech Republic​+420 228 880 775
​Poland​+48 22 212 0130
​Netherlands​+31 0 20 701 8049
​Luxemburg​+34 971 211 644
​Belgium​+32 3 808 1344
​Italy​800 690 973 (numero verde)
​Spain​+34 971 178 868
​Portugal​+351 210 007 034
​Greece​+30 213 000 2068
​Cyprus​+357 800 934 58
​Turkey​+90 850 390 1955
​Lithuania, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Slovenia, Serbia, Latvia, Iceland, Croatia, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Malta, San Marine​+44 0 845 098 3182
​Bosnia, Hungary Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Romania​+44 0 845 098 3246

APAC and other regions

​Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives​​​+66 2017 5990
​Philippines​+63 2902 9523
​Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau​+852 3018 3495
​Cambodia, Myanmar​+66 2017 5990
​Singapore & Brunei​+65 6330 6777
​Japan​+81 363 628 043
​Great China​+86 213 107 1900
​Indonesia​+62 21 2975 9282
​South Korea​+82 220 235 725
​Australia​+1 800 952 748
​New Zealand​+1 800 456 318
​French Polynesia & Vanuatu​+61 282 239 347
​Israel​+34 911 367 147
​Middle East​+973 1 619 8434
​Africa​+27 221 200 6593
​India​+91 117 127 9279

Property Support: customer service portal

Hot line: +1 917 421 7237

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Upcoming features without ETA

As customers report missing features and request enhancements to the application, we may learned that some features are already planned, but are not yet included in any Weekly Demo or Release Notes. If the feature is planned, we will include it here. The code refers to a Rally item.

  • US532044​ – As a travel agent I want to see the same details widgets on HOD header screen as on the HOT results.  Details: The three widgets that are already available on HOT should be also available on HOD header: Property Details, Photos & Videos, and Amenities.​
  • US583658 – As a travel agent I want to be able to pull in more hotel results than the basic 40 so that I can give the client more choices.

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<!–  5 – Place Name  –><!–  6 – IATA Airport Code  –><!–  7 – Rail Station  –>
<!–  11 – Global Property ID  –><!–  16 – Point of Interest  –><!–  18 – Area / Neighborhod  –><!–  37 – Polygon ID  –> 

In this example, the availability is run for NYC airport, and results  will include hotels within 30kms of it. Other values used by SR360 include 18 (Area) and 16 (point of interest). These use coordinates to determine the epicenter of the radius. If needed, you can use those same coordinates in Google Maps to check the location.

News & Insights

Qatar Airways plans for new distribution agreement with Sabre, paving way for richer offers, including NDC

SOUTHLAKE, Texas AND DOHA, State of Qatar – Aug. 31, 2021 – Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), the leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry, and Qatar Airways, the award-winning international airline, are now finalizing a new distribution deal that will provide long-term access to the airline’s content through the Sabre travel marketplace.

Qatar Airways intends to strengthen its partnership with Sabre to take advantage of Sabre’s global reach and leading position in corporate travel for the distribution of Qatar Airways’ products to travelers worldwide. Implementation work is starting to enable unique NDC offers created by Qatar Airways to be distributed through Sabre’s new distribution capability (NDC), which provides a consistent end-to-end workflow that integrates within well-established agency operations.

“A new approach to retailing is required in order to respond to the personalized service and enhanced flexibility that travelers expect,” said Roshan Mendis, Chief Commercial Officer, Sabre Travel Solutions. “Sabre is committed to supporting Qatar Airways in enhancing its retailing capabilities by enabling the airline to distribute personalized offers through our marketplace to corporations and travel agencies around the world. Collaboration will be crucial in travel’s recovery, so I’m proud that we are now finalizing a long-term, sustainable agreement with Qatar Airways that is beneficial for all parties in the travel ecosystem.”

Sabre’s technology enables Qatar Airways to effectively market and sell its expansive roster of fares globally through the Sabre marketplace. Reaching a network of more than 425,000 travel agents, it is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, processing over US $120 billion in estimated travel spend.

Thierry Antinori, Chief Commercial Officer, Qatar Airways, said: “Working collaboratively is pivotal to our reputation as a trusted and reliable business partner for both customers flying Qatar Airways, and the travel agencies that serve them. As international travel recovers, the landscape has become extremely complex, and we don’t want to add additional obstacles such as surcharges, restrictions or inefficient technical solutions, as we deploy new NDC-based product offerings.”

“We are therefore focused on providing a consistent shopping experience through all channels, to meet the expectations of our travelers and promote the success of our agency partners. With Sabre, we see great potential to shape the future of modern airline retailing.”

Operating consistent schedules through the pandemic, Qatar Airways’ network has now rebuilt to more than 140 destinations. This management approach has seen the airline receive accolades from trade partners, media, and industry awards, including Airline of the Year 2021 from Airline Ratings, while its home airport, Hamad International in Doha was recently crowned Best Airport in the World at Skytrax’ 2021 World Airport Awards.  Indeed, Qatar Airways and Hamad International are the only airline and hub airport combination to receive 5-star ratings from Skytrax for both quality COVID-19 safety measures.

Sabre history

The Sabre history. It all began with a chance encounter…

What started as a joint initiative between American Airlines and IBM to create the world’s first computerized airline reservation system in 1960 has since evolved into a technology ecosystem that touches almost every stage of your travel experience.

Learn how an unexpected meeting started it all. The history of Sabre is a fascinating look inside one of travel’s more enduring technologies. From the birth of airline automation to #7 on the InformationWeek list of “Greatest Software Ever Written,” learn about the technology, the times and the people who all helped shape Sabre.

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Travel simply cannot happen without Sabre technology, and our people will continue to transform the industry by delivering innovative ways to plan, purchase and enjoy the perfect travel experience.

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